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3 Easy Steps to Create a Whatsapp Account with a Landline Number

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Whatsapp, which is currently owned and managed by Facebook, has emerged as one of the most popular messaging apps in recent years. If you wish to use it seamlessly, you need three things at your disposal, a working internet connection, a smartphone and a mobile number with which you can create your account. This is an open secret which every user of Whatsapp knows.

But do you know there is also a way to create a Whatsapp account even if you do not have a mobile number? You can do this with a landline number.

Wondering how you can make it happen? Here are some easy steps to do it effortlessly.

1. Get WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App on Your Phone

Before you proceed with the rest of the steps, it is important to verify if you have WhatsApp or the app for the business which belongs to the platform. In case it is not installed on your smartphone, you need to install it.

2. Register Your Whatsapp Account with a Landline Number

Normally, Whatsapp prompts a user for entering a mobile number from one of the providers in India in order to register an account. Here’s the trick. Instead of entering your mobile number, you can simply choose to enter your landline number.

The thought of a landline number may remind you about the way in which people used to communicate with one another over the phone at least a couple of decades ago. There are offers such as Airtel landline bill payment, and the bill payment of other providers which has kept the landline numbers still in the contention.

3. Verify Your Number

The next step after entering the number is to verify it. Generally, Whatsapp sends a code to the number which a user enters at the time of registering a new account. However, there is also another way to do this.

When you enter a landline number, there is no way that you will get a message on it. There is a wait time for a few seconds until which Whatsapp tries to send the code to the number. If you exhaust the wait time, it will display a failure message stating that the code could not be sent to the landline number.

Now the fun begins. There is another way to verify your number. You can choose the option to send you the verification code via a call. As soon as you choose this option, you will receive a call on your landline number. All you need to do is listen to the voice over the phone carefully and enter the verification code and then click on the option to verify it.

These are the steps to register or create your Whatsapp account with a landline number. And don’t worry; your usage will not reflect on your bill at the time of BSNL landline bill payment or the bill payment of any other carrier that offer landline services. It is absolutely free of cost but with the benefit of using Whatsapp.

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